Massey announces 5% fee hike funny thing happened on the way to the fees forum…

If you’re a student at Victoria University, you’re cordially invited to “constructively engage with the university on the issue of student fees” at a public meeting on Wednesday.

If you’re a student at Massey however, that train’s already left town. Vice Chancellor Steve Maharey will also be hosting a video conference with students tomorrow, but with the express intent of defending a decision the university has already made.

On Friday the university’s council announced fee increases of 5 per cent for undergraduates, while the student services levy for students on campus will nearly double from $104 to $200.

In the press release Maharey says the council “adopted a new approach” this year, but the outcome seems exactly the same: Massey has increased undergraduate fees by the maximum 5 percent every year since 2005, except in 2006 when it won an exemption from the Tertiary Education Commission to raise them by 10 percent.

Speaking of which, the university says this year it will seek permission to increase fees by 10 percent for undergraduate teaching courses and $1000 per full-time student for postgraduate research programmes.

Additionally the university has yet to announce its fee increases for international students: last year the university increased fees by 6 to 7 percent after scrapping its “grandparenting” scheme, which protected students from fee hikes by setting a fixed tuition fee for the entirety of their study.

So if any of this concerns you, get along to the fees forum tomorrow afternoon at 1. Posters should be all over campus, or for more information ask your friendly local student union.

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