It’s The Economy, But Stupid: Bizarre Budget PR

polish.jpg Kiwi Turd polish picture by desertdog7788The last thing the internet needs is another Budget blog, but it’s always amusing when a current event is awkwardly shoehorned into a mostly pointless press release. Sometimes it’s an earnest attempt to catch a reporter’s eye with an otherwise weak news angle, other times it comes across as nothing more than a jaded intern mashing out another spiel so their boss hits the daily exposure quota.

In any case today’s post ranges from the tenuously topical to the breathtakingly cynical with my personal highlights from Thursday’s Budget blather:

DoC to develop cycleways and camp grounds

Cool, I guess. So, is that from DoC itself? Maybe an outdoor recreation group? Nope; apparently that’s the best thing Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson had to say about her portfolio. That’s it? No talk of marine reserves? No breeding programmes, no pristine Antarctic wilderness? No, y’know, conservation issues?

Providing quality outdoor recreational facilities and opportunities is a Government priority and developing new campgrounds was part of our election manifesto.

Fair enough; I too remember that infamous Colmar-Brunton poll on picnic tables. Oh dear. Meanwhile…

Increase in GST means less available for community

…Which sounds like a worthy news angle, until you realise it’s courtesy of the Community Gaming Association, who represent over 30% of the pokies industry. These selfless philanthropists fear that the rise in GST will hurt their addicted clientele shareholder returns in a $6.1b industry the poor little tykes in the under-15s.

In addition to GST the Government already takes 20% of net revenue as a Gaming Duty, more than 1.5% as a Problem Gambling Levy and about another 1%-2% as fees for monitoring, licensing and compliance activities by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The Class 4 gambling sector has always paid its way. Now the Government intends to take more. The only place this can come from is the share of proceeds which goes back to the community.

Incredible. And eerily familiar, too…

Last, and most certainly least, Bob McCoskrie on…climate change?

ETS Will Cancel Benefit of Budget to Families

“NZ families are being penalised by a tax that will have no affect whatsoever on the climate, and amidst mounting evidence that the science behind global warming is not settled. The ETS will simply increase the financial pressures on families and negate all the benefit of today’s budget.”

Oh, Bob. Shine on, you crazy, attention-seeking, shamelessly dissembling diamond.

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