Curia & Curiouser: Farrar, Bhatnagar and Big Baccy

[UPDATE – David responds]

The NZ Association of Convenience Stores (another pro-tobacco lobby group helmed by Glenn Inwood) put out a press release this morning claiming that 60% of retailers opposed a display ban on cigarettes.

Leaving aside the little tidbit that nearly a third of the association’s constituents actually want the ban, Lyndon here at the Scoop offices Stephen Judd noticed something odd about the PDF of polling data supporting this.

The research was apparently conducted by Curia, the polling firm owned and operated by Kiwiblog’s David Farrar. Nothing particularly unusual about that, and Farrar is free to accept whoever he likes as a client.

But if you right-click and select Document Properties, the pdf’s author is apparently one Aaron Bhatnagar. You know, like the Auckland City Councillor. Who is also John Banks’ campaign strategist. Whose polling is also done by Curia.

Did Farrar borrow his laptop or something? What’s going on?

[UPDATE] David responds:

Heh simple explanation. I tend to open existing documents and resave them under a new title for a new client. Aaron drafted up some questions for one of the polls for John Banks, and that must be a document I used to do the results for the NZACS.
Around 18 months ago The Standard got excited by something similiar when I put out my 50 page analysis of the election results, as the properties had it as Ministerial Services. They thought it meant I was on the payroll, but instead it meant I had used the 96 analysis in 1999 and 2002, and 2005 and 2008 while never bothering to change the properties!
One of these days I must set up some proper templates 🙂

One Comment on “Curia & Curiouser: Farrar, Bhatnagar and Big Baccy”

  1. Sean says:

    DPF’s response sounds reasonable but I can’t help but wonder what an investigation into other Curia documents would show.

    Anyway, does Banks pass off his Curia polling as being independent?

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