The Occupied Times Of London: Issue 1 Out Now!

My job at the Morning Star has trucked me off to all sorts of events this year: anti-war demos, anti-cuts marches, the defence of Britain’s biggest Irish Traveller camp, a student occupation up at Glasgow University and of course a bunch of trade union conferences. But Occupy London Stock Exchange is the only one so far where they’ve actually started their own newspaper instead — and I’ve somehow found myself on the editorial team.

Issue 1 of The Occupied Times of London is out today: 2000 free print copies floating around central London and an online version here. It’s an independent weekly paper, with no control or influence from the camp’s Media Working Group (which handles press releases and all that sort of thing). The staff are all unpaid volunteers, as is the printer Aldgate Press, and contributors and content are anyone from camp residents on daily life to international commentators on the occupation movement as a whole (rumour has it Noam Chomsky is working on something for the next issue).

I’m still covering the occupation as a paid reporter for the Morning Star, but so long as the paper retains its independence I don’t see any conflict of interest. That said, I can’t count myself a member of the protest and so will probably steer clear of injecting my own opinions into it, just to be safe. After all, that’s what this blog’s for.

Check out The Occupied Times website
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And of course our forebears, the Occupied Wall Street Journal

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