Occupied Press Club: Apply Within!

No big bloated essays for now – just a notice that I’ve been talking to Ryan of the Occupied Wall Street Journal about putting together an unofficial network of correspondents at occupations worldwide. In the same way that the papers are reflecting the issues in each individual community, a bit of international coverage would offer an unfiltered view of daily life in the camps.

I’m not camping full-time, nor would I expect anyone else to, but you would need to be visiting/camping at least 1-2 days a week and get along to the main events since the point is to source these stories from protesters on the ground. If you are living there full-time, even better.

And best of all would be if you’re covering an occupation in a non-English speaking country (or where English is not the language of choice). This is an international movement and it would be a shame if our readers didn’t hear about all the important things going on in Europe and Asia and the Middle East and Central America.

Are we after the next Watergate? No (although that’d be nice), but it’s partly about reminding readers that their camp is just part of a broader picture and that there are many many more activists beyond London and New York. It could be a quirky ‘Occupiers in Quebec form lacrosse team, no away games’, or a puff piece where some prominent local speaks out on a core issue or a straight report of campaigns and conflicts with authorities.

So if you’re a reporter or consider yourself able to report events with a degree of objectivity, email me here and let me know your name, where you’re based and any disclosure about any conflicts of interest (mostly other roles in the camp).

Likewise if you’ve got a rag you’d like to sign up to the Occupied newswire, again email me and let me know so I can sign you up to the Google Docs folder, where you can steal and share copy with everyone else. If everyone tries to crank out even just one piece a week, I’m sure we’ll be swamped 🙂

UPDATE: Even as it is, I’m getting more fantastic copy than I can actually cram into the Occupied Times, so until we get our online publishing sorted I’m just going to repost some of it here. Stay tuned!

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