A personal announcement on same-sex marriage

Wedding rings 2

Dear friends and readers,

Thankyou for your support and sympathy in this difficult time for Katie and I.

As you may already know, New Zealand’s parliament passed historic legislation this evening to legalise same-sex marriage; an act that cultural commentators have warned will irreparably destroy the institution of heterosexual marriage.

Katie and I have been in a loving, fulfilling relationship for seven years now – four of them as a married couple – but as of 11pm NZST we each experienced a sudden loss of interest, attraction and even basic human empathy with regard to one another.

We are therefore separating as of today, with a view to finding new partners of our own respective genders in order to comply with the spirit and letter of the law.

Since such marriages are reportedly intrinsically unsatisfying and inauthentic, my only consolation is that they are also poor environments for raising children due to their ‘party’ lifestyle and copious consumption of hard drugs.

Thankyou again for your kind words and support.

[In case it’s not abundantly clear, I’m kidding. Why not go read a serious critique though, courtesy of the Queer Avengers’ Beyond Marriage blog.]

One Comment on “A personal announcement on same-sex marriage”

  1. Rachel says:

    I know! My husband and I (living in NZ) are also trying to come to terms with the cheapening of our marriage, now that other people can get married too.

    Oh… Wait… You mean other people have been getting married for centuries? But we were still able to be happy? My head is spinning!

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