If Russell Brand is mouthing off about elections, I might as well.

An Extremely Good cartoon by @piss_wizard, reposted with @piss_wizard's permission. @piss_wizard.

An Extremely Good cartoon by @piss_wizard, reposted with @piss_wizard‘s permission. @piss_wizard.

To round out the “obnoxious git who’s still trying to pull off the same beard-and-tight-jeans look he had ten years ago” demographic, here’s what will probably be my one and only 2015 UK general election post.

It’s abundantly clear from the parliamentary records and their own manifesto that voting Labour is essentially giving them a mandate to carry out fundamentally identical policies as the Tories (mass surveillance, profiteering wars abroad, arms sales to oppressive and often genocidal regimes, xenophobic immigration policies, racist policing, doling out taxpayer funds to private contractors and PFI schemes, driving down benefits still further at the cost of human lives and dignity, etc. etc.), but with less of an outcry from the Daily Mirror.

It’s also abundantly clear from the Greens’ record on Brighton’s city council that they’re pretty much okay with being capitalists who’d like more bike lanes. So if that’s enough for you, then hurray I guess.

Meanwhile real politics are the things that are going on every day, election or no: people working together on campaigns, community groups and shared resources to try and build the foundations of a revolutionary and halfway fucking decent society, rather than picking over the carcass of the current one.


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